Graphic Scents Direct, Robbert Korenhof is an engineer and Solutioner, sensory engaged in creative Scent/ Fragrance application, developer in product Scenting Technology (35 years experience in Scent application)

International sales and marketing back ground, with a broad experience in all aspects of fragrance applications, in- off- line finishing and production management. Application development and specialized in impossible scenting projects.

Particularly focused in new developments of fragrance application and new custom or designed projects, as well as close interaction with the designers/ manufacturers. GSD cooperates with Unilever, P&G, LĀ“Oreal and many other Multinationals.

Since 1982 Graphic Scents Direct has focused on developing scent applications on all types of material, that enables the production of high quality scenting print experiences.

It makes sensory marketing easy, fast and cost effective. Now,it possible to exploit scent marketing in its full potential.